by Caryl Churchill

Directed and Produced by Hal Carlton-Ford

Starring Morgan Beetham and Chris Chirdon

Lighting Design by Noah Chamis

Stage Management by Adriana Alter

Sound Operation by Bryan Ventura

Photography by Anjola Toro


Billy has done something wrong...something very wrong, but the trouble is Colin and Roz can't seem to figure out what...and until they do - no one is going to sleep.

Colin and Roz live an idyllic life: a house in the country, two children, a maid, enlightened politics of the NPR variety, a philanthropic mindset, all just a short metro ride away from an elite job in the city...but there is a darkness at the center of their marriage and it comes in the form of Billy. Yes, what will they do about Billy?

Caryl Churchill's one act Abortive - updated to our tumultuous present under the direction of Hal Carlton-Ford asks - what do we do after the protests, the social media outrage, the constant feedback loop of righteous indignation? What do we do when the hypocrisy starts at home? What do we do about Billy?