Praise for Allow Me

"A stylish huis-clos allowing the true colors of a couple to be revealed."

        --Oaxaca FilmFest

"Short films have, truly, one brief chance to take a subject, tell a story, and make it engaging enough so as to keep a viewer's interest and then keep them thinking about it afterwards. With director Hal Carlton-Ford's newest effort, this is accomplished exactly as it should be, leaving one to ponder what the further consequences are once the primary revelation has been revealed...A finely crafted, well-filmed, character-driven, single setting-chamber piece, Allow Me will surely get the recognition its story deserves on the festival circuit and beyond."

--One Film Fan

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Allow Me is a romantic chamber drama, which unfolds in real time in a couple's bedroom. During its dense 9 minutes, Allow Me explores the roles of truth, honesty, sex and genuine interaction between a husband and wife.

The wife (Betsy Holt) notices that her husband (Tommy Dishman) isn't paying attention to her. To get her husband's attention, she tells a seemingly white lie. The lie gets her husband's attention, as well as initiating a revelation in their marriage which shocks them both.

Allow Me's story is bolstered by atmospheric lighting, a diegetic soundtrack and very precise, intense performances. A bold mix of traditional cinematic coverage and macro photography highlight the nuances of the non-verbal communication between the couple.



Color. 9.5 mins.

Starring Betsy Holt and Tommy Dishman

Produced, edited and directed by Hal Carlton-Ford

Written by Hal Carlton-Ford and Sahil Sharma

Cinematography by Eric Girgash

Sound design by Reid Rice