Hal Carlton-Ford is a Brooklyn based writer-director hailing from Cincinnati, OH. In film and theater, his work focuses on complex interpersonal relationships. Trained as a director in the Meisner technique, Hal collaborates with the Chelsea Rep Lab and The Acting Studio in midtown Manhattan. His latest film, Allow Me, began its film festival tour at the Cincinnati Film Festival in September 2015, followed by the Louisville International Film Festival in October 2015.

Hal's next film, Styx, will be a feature length ghost story, combining elements of the psychological thriller and family drama. The visual style of Hal's short, The Diner, serves as an inspiration for this film.

As a cinematographer and gaffer, Hal's work has played at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Sundance and more. His experience in cinematography and lighting has given him a strong technical background.

Before he began making films, Hal received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati's Department of Classics. His background in the classics informs his screenwriting in content and form today.